Jun 11, 2008,9:01 AM
Danny Krivit Introduces P & P Records

Quite possibly the greatest look at the P&P family of labels you will hear, but that's really no surprise, given that the man at the helm of the project is legendary DJ and club collector Danny Krivit. Krivit's look at the label goes deeper than any we've heard before, and really goes out of its way to bring together the full range of P&P related material from the 70s and early 80s...not just the better-known club tracks, but also some excellent soul and funky numbers too -- really fleshing out our understanding of the mighty talents of Peter Brown and Patrick Adams! The work here was originally spread over a large number of indie labels...including a few that weren't P&P related, but simply licensed their productions. Krivit's really done his homework in pulling the tracks together. Styles run from uptempo club to funky soul, and most numbers here are presented in their full original 12" mixes!

Disc: 1
1. Groove I'm In [Original 12" Mix] - Florence Miller
2. Love Fantasy [Original 12" Mix]
3. I Just Want to Spend My Life with You [Original Full Album Version] - Caress
4. My Baby's Got E.S.P. [Original 12" Mix] - Four Below Zero
5. Ain't It Time [Original 12" Mix] - Queen Yahna
6. Atmosphere Strut [Original 12" Vocal Remix] - Cloud One
7. Everything Man [Original 7" Mix]
8. It Ain't No Big Thing [Original 12" Mix] - Rainbow Brown
9. Mr Blindman [Original Full Album Version] - Donna McGhee
10. Johnson Jumping [Original 12" Mix] - Johnson Products
11. Got to Get Your Love [Original 12" Mix] - Clyde Alexander
12. Dance Freak [Original 12" Mix] - Chain Reaction
13. New York Applejack [Original 12" Mix] - Scott Davis
14. Rock Spank Freak [Original 12" Mix]

Disc: 2
1. Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us [Original 12" Mix] - Margo Williams
2. God's Greatest Gift to Man Is a Woman [Original 12" Mix]
3. Pound for Pound [Original 12" Mix]
4. I Did It Again [Original 12" Mix] - Jesse Henderson
5. Stereo Funk [Original 12" Instrumental Mix] - Danny Krivit
6. New York's Movin' [Original 12" Mix] - Ahzz
7. It's Gihin Be Cornbread Time [Original 12" Mix]
8. Feel the Spirit [Original 12" Mix] - Foster Jackson
9. Moan for Love [Original 12" Mix]
10. Funk Rap [Original 12" Instrumental Mix]
11. Superstition [Original 12" Mix] - Dennis Mobley & Fresh Taste
12. Let's Just Stay Away [Original 12" Mix] - Louise Murray
13. God Save and Protect the Children [Original 12" Mix] - Margo Williams
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