May 26, 2008,8:22 PM
The New York Sound - From the East Coast to the future
New York Sound - From the East Coast to the future

The 80s were a turning point both socially and artistically. The cold grip of "Reaganomics" was starting to make itself felt in the US, and the carefree atmosphere on the club scene was about to recieve an unwelcome shake-up with the dawn of the AIDS virus.

In many ways, economic circumstance, as well as creative exploration, meant punching some keys on a machine would prove easier than employing a full band. This simple fact, which would allow popularly available music to be created outside expensive studios, would assert itself in Detroit, Chicago, New York, and eventually the whole world. The music featured here was created just prior to this technological and musical explosion; it contains elements of disco and uptempo R&B of the 70s, and hints at the evolution of house, techno and hip hop that would succeed it.

What we have here is seminal club tracks from the New York underground at the end of the 70s...a host of killer singles from the Spring, Vanguard, and Posse labels...all in a fantastic blend of boogie, disco, electro, and soul. The work here is easily some of the most sophisticated to come out of the east coast club scene at the time; a real return to indie genius after disco broke heavily in the mainstream, almost a reinvention of the groove with a host of new elements. Some of these tunes will be familiar, but they're presented here in their full extended versions next to others that have been un-reissued for years, making the set an essential batch of tunes that really gets at the best sound of New York from these years.


1. Love Hangover - The Players Association
2. Charley Says (Roller Boogie Baby) - King Tim III
3. It Ain't No Big Thing' - Rainbow Brown List
4. (You) Keep Making Me Hot - Busta Jones
5. Over Like A Fat Rat - Fonda Rae
6. Is This The Future? - Fatback
7. Money (Dollar Bill Y'all) - Jimmy Spicer
8. Electric Kingdom - Twilight 22
9. Wired For Games - C Brand
10. Rockin' It - MC Flex And The FBI Crew
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